[ Radio ]

KO-REACTION has also a radio ! As for the videos, there will be new songs and other ones too. Always more and more things to discover some Kpop songs !

Playlist updated on July 28th.
13 songs
available, with those singers : Bi (RAIN), Big Bang, Ditto, Dong Bang Shin Gi, Jang Woo Hyuk, Lee Seunggi, The TRAX,VIBE.

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[ Media ]

Do you want to hear and see some Korean singers ? You are in the right place ! There will be some videos of different Korean singers here, and not only new ones ! Because there is so much to discover...

- Current playlist -

Big Bang - Crazy dog & Majimak insa - Live MBC Music Core Comeback
M (Lee Min Woo), Epik High - THE 'M' STYLE & Fan - Live M Countdown
Clazziquai - Lover boy - MV
Super Junior - Marry U - MV
- Superstar - MV
F.T Island - Sarangalhi - Live SBS Inkigayo

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