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[ Last week's news - December 10th to December 16th ]

10th, Dong Bang Shin Gi's second Asia Tour Concert release
Dong Bang Shin Gi released at the beginning of this month their new Korean concert DVD, which contains their 2nd Asia Tour Concert 'O' at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium. There is a simple version with two DVDs including a Making of and the music video of the concert on "Sesange dan hanappunin ma-eum (You're my miracle)", a 2008 standing calendar and a photobook. Two other versions include either a folded poster or a poster in delivered in tube.

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*it seems that a new release date was recently chosen by Yesasia since the product is already out of stock.

10th, Shinhwa releases a Winter special single
After their Music Video Collection released last month, Shinhwa is now releasing a Winter special single called "Winter Story 2007" containing three new songs of the group. They released a similar single at the beginning of 2007 and this new single can be considered as the following one.

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[ Weekly news - December 3rd to December 9th ]
6th, F.T Island's first album repackaged
Like a lot of artists do before the end of the year, F.T Island released a new version of their first full-length album, called "The refreshment". This version contains two discs. In the first one, three new songs are included among songs from "Cheerful sensibility" but rearranged. The second disc has six songs in Music 2.0, which is a special format allowing the listeners to mix the music differently. There is also a 60 page photobook.

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[ Weekly news - November 26th to December 2nd ] 

27th, SG Wannabe in New York
Today, SG Wannabe released a special album called "Story in New York". It has three new songs, and other well known songs from their latest album, "The sentimental chord", but differently arranged, with jazz and R&B rhythms. SG Wannabe was inspired by their trip in America.

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26th, Another mini album for Big Bang
Only - months after their first mini album, the Korean hip hop group Big Bang is releasing its second one, called "Hot issue". It contains six new songs, some of them being dance songs, like the previous mini album. The title songs are "Majimak insa" (Last goodbye), which was written and composed by the member G-DRAGON, and "Crazy dog", two upbeat songs.

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